Introducing Feenie Bailey!

I am so excited to share my new middle-grade mystery series with you

I spent many hours (outdoors in the summer!) reading mysteries as a kid—Nancy Drew and the Dana Girls, but also Judy Bolton—who I particularly loved–and Trixie Belden and many more.

Feenie Bailey lives in a community that fascinates me: in a floathome on the banks of the Fraser River just before it reaches the Pacific Ocean.

It’s an odd river—in that it’s salty and tidal. The floathomes go up and down accordingly, and each has a walkway that can withstand such movement.

I lived for a couple dozen years in Ladner, British Columbia, before moving back to the city… but that part of Ladner—the set of floathomes—has a special place in my heart. This is my way of living there vicariously—one of the perks of being a writer! Multiple lives lived simultaneously!

This opener for the series is set in the heat of summer and involves some wee dogs disappearing. Feenie and her friend Trixa are determined to find these dogs.

I’ve been long working on further ideas for other titles in the series—one about an historical bank heist in the now-museum in the town, another about the beloved neighbourhood island in the middle of the river, another about the town heron…

The town heron, dressed up by… a mysterious Someone
Note the raft…with a swans’ nest on it!

The book will be released the 30th of August, and is available for pre-order! Here’s the link: